Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the app from?

Download the app from google playstore or the ios app store.

What details are required at the time of registration?

Register using your phone number and some basic details like email address, first name and last name.

What will I get in free trial?

Full app access for 7 days of a free trial. No questions asked.

Do I need to give my credit/debit card details at the time of registration?

No details are required.

How can I redeem the offers?

Redeeming offers is easy. Just visit the restaurant and show your Hopres ID and claim the offer. No coupons are required.

Do I need to book a table before visiting a restaurant?

Table booking is not a compulsion, you can call the restaurant directly and book a table if required. Alternatively, you can directly walk-in and show your Hopres ID to enjoy the Hopres benefit.

Do I need to create a digital wallet on the app to redeem offers?

No digital wallet is needed.

I can’t see the discount at the time of placing the order through the app, should I be worried or cancel my order?

Hopres discount will only be given at the restaurant when you display your Hopres ID. You don’t need to worry, place your order for takeaway/dine-in on the app, show your Hopres ID at the restaurant when collecting your order and you will get your final discounted bill.

How can I show my Hopres ID?

Go to the “My Profile” screen on the app. Click on the View my Hopres ID button.